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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Immigration fuels Canada‘s growth - we have a problem

Immigration fuels Canada‘s growth

"Two-thirds of Canada‘s rapid population increase over the past five years came from immigration — a force that in coming decades will account for almost all of the country‘s growth, according to census figures released Tuesday."

The article noted chronicles a unique situation. Canada's birthrate is slowing. Soon, the only net gain in population will be through immigration.

So what's the problem? Barriers to immigrating is one - the backlog of applicants continues to grow, without a plan in place to manage it.

The second problem is the one of employment access, as noted before. While some Provinces, like Ontario (who bear the brunt of immigration by a huge margin) are proactively putting programs in place to take advantage of the economic capital flowing into the country associated with highly educated new immigrants, there is still no cohesive Federal plan in place.

It seems Canada can do one of three things - stay the course, create more restrictive policies to stem the flow of immigrants (ala the US) or embrace the future and take advantage of those who truly want to build a new future in a wonderful country.

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