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Friday, February 09, 2007

Personal update - why I hate America

Well, the east coast opportunity that I thought would revamp the bank account and thus get me back in line fell through unexpectedly and so right now, it's more of the same old, same old. I am keeping my head (barely) above financial water, but at least it's above it.

America, if you didn't know, is what I've always referred to as a land of "economic Darwinism" - survival of the richest, so to speak. It's also a land of "me" and not a land of "we." Especially since the baby boomers came into power.

It always blows me away to think about the "peace and love" generation - the generation of the commune - becoming the most greedy and selfish generation in history. The love generation, showing their love by putting more of their brothers and sisters in jail than any other generation in history.

And now, in the ultimate realization of their turn from the ideals of their youth - the civil rights generation, responsible for the stripping of more individual rights and freedoms than any other time in American history.

These are the reasons I hate this America - what it has become. The only thing I still appreciate about it is that I am still free to write these words.

Do you wonder why I hunger for a new life in Canada?

I'm not giving up the dream. I am patient, I have faith, I know one day that God will honor my patience and faithfulness. One day, I will be a Canadian.

Thank you for your prayers. Thanks for reading!

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