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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

It's been just over four years now since I started this slow journey to Canada. It's a journey I'm still unsure of and one which the conclusion still seems to be so far away and so uncertain.

It's been a horrible year financially, so the funds that I need to apply under the Skilled Worker class (CDN $10K) are still far away from my savings account. Still, I have hope that those funds will come - in God's time.

That's the trick - accepting God's time. Like everyone else, I want things to happen when I want them to happen, but God doesn't work that way in people's lives. I imagine the delay in this immigration process is because there are things He wants me to learn that will make me a better person - one who will appreciate the gifts He gives me.

The one thing I still don't want to think about is this: what if He doesn't want me to come to Canada at all? That's a tough one for me. It's the hardest for anyone who lives a life in faith - to answer the question, "What do you do when God says "No" to your prayers?"

I still don't know my own answer to this. I almost feel like preparing for it is giving up on the hope I have in a positive result.

But New Years are about the future and hope in the future, so I will hold onto hope, hold onto my dreams, and hold onto the love I have for Canada. I was born American, but I have had the soul of a Canadian since I can remember.

God grant me my prayer. Lord, hear my prayer. If this is your year for me, thank You. If not, thank You.

And thank YOU for reading my blog these last few years. Here's to 2007!

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