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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pass the buck outside the country

In a recent article from the Candian Press, published in the Toronto Star, the Tories (in this case, the mouthpiece being John Tory - I love that - born to the role I suppose) are proposing a program that, "...would allow skilled immigrants to start working on their Canadian accreditation while they are outside the country, waiting for their visa applications to be processed."

Now that sounds promising at the surface, but there's a common sense question to be asked: What has led the Tories to believe that they can run and administer a program outside of Canada that no Canadian government has been able to create and run INSIDE of Canada?

I also don't see anything about addressing another root source of wasted professional immigrant talent: a curb on protectionist professional societies that throw up barriers to entry.

New program ideas like this are certainly welcome - but where is the coordinated policy - the one that seeks to identify not a single problem with an isolated solution, but instead, a wholistic approach?

For instance - why can't the government pass legislation that says, if we let an individual in based on X set of professional skills that out country is facing a shortage of, NO employer may discriminate in hiring them for any reason (the classic being - "lack of Canadian work experience"...If you can tell me where outside of Canada I can get this, I'll make you a billionare!)?

This program proposal seems like more feel good legislation than anything else - we can have a flawed program for accredidation, but professionals coming to Canada will still face career-stalling hurdles once they arrive. All the Tories are doing is passing the buck - this time outside the Country, where no one will really know what's going on anyhow.

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