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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A new twist: Part II

Maybe there's something about the air in Seattle...maybe there's something about reunions...something about the air and reunions that make you hope for a future you gave up on. I couldn't tell you. I, as you know from my posts, live in Hope and Faith.

Now, conversely, maybe there's something about the cold of Toronto...maybe there's something about being back in your own hometown and alone...something about the cold abd being back alone that reminds you of all the reasons why you gave up on that future you dreamed of in the first place.

That seems to be the case with my love. In the last few days, in our calls, she has begun to distance herself again...Let's face it, when someone choses to work, "I'm not your girlfriend, so I shouldn't really care..." into a sentance, it's not just by chance.

So the dreams I dream are again, mine alone. It was a nice fantasy while it lasted - that she might want to fight the good fight with me again - but sometimes we all end up fighting our fights alone, save for God by our side.

And I don't have to worry about Him leaving me.

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