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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Less talk, more action - Before fixing system, find out how it works

You probably notice that the Toronto Star is a big source for me on reports about immigration issues. That's mainly because Allan Thompson actually writes about the subject on a regular basis. Try as you might, you wont find this kind of coverage in the Globe and Mail, and if you did, it would probably be for "subscribers only" premium content. No offense - I know they have to make a buck. I just appreciate that The Star makes this available.

For those of you interested, the article I have linked to above gives a quick overview of the Liberals political use of the immigration carrot when elections are near - as they appear to be now. Martin and Volpe and even Pettigrew are all talking up a storm about opening the borders up to skilled workers. But as Thompson points out - this kind of talk has been a source of warmth for Ottawa winters since 1993. For those of you who don't want to count - that's 13 years.

Let's hope there's some action coming behind this talk. Let's hope there is government suport to put more employees to work for the CIC to start, to both lower the processing times as well as increase the quality of service. Let's also hope that (as was noted in an earlier entry in this blog) those who put their heart, soul and cold hard cash into the effort of making a professional contribution to Canadian society get more than 30-seconds of attention.

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