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Monday, April 11, 2005

I love Vonage

When love first blossomed, so did my phone bill. It wasn't too bad if you used the calling cards and watched what time you were calling and made the most of each conversation, but let's face it - love knows no timetable, and there is a three hour difference between my cities. When I was yet again between homes, my cellphone bill rocketed to $400 a month! I was desperate! Then I got far had voice over IP come since I had first checked it out?

I knew it worked pretty well in chat applications, but it's not connecting to the wired that matters - it's connecting to the land-line world. That's when I found Vonage...and life changed.

Now I have local numbers in Seattle and Toronto, I pay a measly $35 USD a month for the service and I can make unlimited, anytime calls anywhere in Canada and the US. My friends and family never pay long distance to call me from the GTA, and despite a few occasional service quirks, no one can tell I'm talking to them over the Internet.

Vonage has made it easy to call anytime for any reason when my love and I are apart. I can sing her to sleep and then leave the line open while she drifts off to sleep. I don't have to count minutes and pennies.

If you are dealing with the distance issues I am, check them out at - it really is a simple way to make communication with long distance loved ones so much less a burden on everyone.

And, no - I'm not making any money from this post and I don't work for them.

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